Worked Marvelously for Our Fundraiser

Using a Singapore flyer distribution company worked wonders for our recent fundraiser. I was put in charge of getting people in the door and handed a list of recommendations on how to accomplish this feat. I didn’t like what I saw on the list. Some of the suggestions seemed very unrealistic. For example, one of the suggestions was to go door to door and try and drum up support. That seems impossible in a place like Singapore. You could spend days in one building trying to talk to people! There are simply too many doors to knock on and most people won’t open them.

Another suggestion was using the website to announce the date of the most recent fundraiser. The date is already on there and traffic to the site hasn’t increased. In fact, there’s no way to increase the traffic by merely putting the date up. People who already visit the site will continue to do so, but there’s no reason to believe that you can draw more traffic by merely updating the site. If it was that easy, they wouldn’t need me to do a thing to get people to come and donate money. I needed a new idea.

I looked online and quickly found a company that does flyer distributions around the city for all all sorts of businesses and projects. I figured if it worked to build up a clientele for a business, it would work to draw attention to our charity efforts. I called and talked to the people at the company and very quickly we came up with a plan to distribute several thousand flyers around the city. We even got some businesses to agree to put up the flyers so their customers would see them. The result? A massive amount of interest in our latest fundraiser!