When Picking a Limo Company, Don’t Forget About the Sniff Test

There are all kinds of limo companies. I have been in limos. I have worked in the wedding industry and have seen my share of them. You need to be careful who you get your limo from. You want to make sure they have the proper licensing and that they are driven by real professionals. I’m going to tell you something funny. Before you book a limo, do a sniff test. Seriously! You should check out the limo fleet in person and smell the interiors. It is very revealing about the company. Go check out Platinum party buses and see how nice they are as compared to any other company you are considering booking.

The sniff test for a limo company is quite simple. Just get in the limo and sniff. It should not smell like alcohol, food or the people who have been in it before. A quality limo company knows how to keep their fleet pristine. Their limos are always clean inside and out. Plus, they are extremely well maintained. Who wants a stretch limo with a dent? No one! Am I right? Sure I am. You want a limo to look like a brand new vehicle even though you know it is not. You want it to shine like a diamond when it shows up in your wedding, prom or party pictures. The Platinum party buses shine just like their stretch limousine counterparts.

I really like the party bus concept. You get all the features of a stretch limo with the ability to stand up and walk around inside the vehicle. No one is stuck in their seat or competing for leg room. Tall guests or ones with a few extra pounds do not have to be embarrassed trying to crawl in and out. I’m a big guy, and I never liked crawling into a limo. However, I can just walk up the steps into a party bus and walk all the way to my seat. They are, in my opinion, so much nicer.