Vacation is a Family Affair

My family loves to take vacations and our latest vacation was around Singapore. We reserved a bus charter a month before the trip and packed everything into our luggage that we needed. Normally we fly everywhere for our vacation, but we decided that a bus would be a better way to enjoy our experience because we would be able to see more and would have time to truly appreciate it, rather than flying right past it.

We saw a lot of things on our tour of Singapore and met a lot of people. By far, my favorite thing about the vacation was the food. I always like trying new foods whenever I go on vacation, and Singapore had some really good food that I can’t find anywhere back in my hometown. The food was very affordable, so I was able to eat as much as my stomach could hold without running out of money. My camera is full of pictures that I took from all of the local landmarks and sights.

There’s an entirely different atmosphere that you experience when you take a vacation with your family. We could have easily taken our own individual vacations, but they wouldn’t have been as fun as a family vacation. It’s not just what you do on the vacation that matters, but who you spend the vacation with that also matters. We have more fun when we’re spending time with each other. Even when we were on the bus on the way to Singapore, we were all talking with each other, playing fun games, and even singing songs as a group. It’s something that most people take for granted. I wish we were able to stay in Singapore longer, but we can always return in the future. Hopefully we’ll be able to plan another vacation soon.