Playing Horror Games to Blow off Steam at Work is Fun

I like the zombie shooting games. I play them from time to time for a few minutes here and there. I am not a console gamer. I just like to play simple games on my computer. At work the boss has what he calls steam blowing breaks. They come after a busy session dealing with customers. It is like a rolling break for employees that is an extra one beyond the ones we are assigned. Some people go for a walk. Some read a book, text a friend or check social media. I found a horror games website where I can play a game for a few minutes.

You might think that playing such games would drag me down. However, in the context of our steam blowing breaks, they actually make me feel a lot better. They are just games, but they help me imagine how things could be a whole lot worse than just dealing with some rude customers. I guess everyone has their own outlet for frustration. Two workers close to me will play a game of chess during the special breaks. They have a magnetic board that lets them quickly put it away when the break is over and pick the game up later.

The games I play are quick and fun. I have gotten pretty good at a couple of them. There are some of them that I am not interested at all in playing. I don’t like the ones that get too scary with their storylines. The zombie ones are my favorite. They can be scary without it going off on any wild horror themes I do not like. Usually they are supposed to be a result of some infection or something like that. I play the horror games for a few minutes, and get back to work with an appreciation that all I have to deal with is the occasional rude customer.