My Son is Eager to Learn More

My son was not doing well in physics. I suspected that it was because he was not paying attention, because it is a fascinating subject. He told me that he tried to, but the teacher was so boring with the presentation of the material. There was no class participation, and it was almost 100 percent a lecture setting. This works in some classes, but I could understand why my son found this boring. I started researching JC physics tuition centres because I knew that he needed to have a good score on his physics examination.

When he asked me why I was so adamant about wanting him to do well in physics, I told him that this particular science is needed for so many different things. He understood that physics is part of things like space rockets, but he was not sure what else it was good for. I actually enjoyed telling him the different things that physics helps to create. He was surprised to find out that some of his favorite things like cameras, video games, computers and TVs all are created by using physics. When I told him that, it was like a light switch went off in him.

Even though he was eager to learn more, he knew that it was going to be hard with such a boring teacher, which is why we enrolled him in the tuition centre. The instructor there was given very good reviews, and my son was finally excited to go and learn more about this intriguing science. It is so easy to whet a child’s curiosity, but it takes a special teacher to make that connection with them, which is exactly what Mr. Tony did. My son absolutely loves physics now, and he is eager to start university so he can learn even more.