Moving in with My Best Friend

When my best friend got a divorce from her husband, I have to admit that I was happy. I always felt she was blinded by what he could offer her rather than love, and it proved to be true. I was not happy about that, but I was glad that she was not going to settle in a marriage where love was not a factor on his part. When she told me, the first thing I did was suggest that we look at two bedroom apartments in Shawnee Mission KS.

It was something we had talked about a lot in college together, and it would have been a reality had he not entered the picture and swept her off her feet. I knew that she needed a new beginning again, and I really did miss her a lot. She was staying at my place until she found something, since I only had a one bedroom apartment at the time. That is when I sprung my idea on her, and she couldn’t stop smiling. She told me that she had actually found a great two bedroom apartment called the Frisco at Shawnee Station, but she was not sure if I would want to move there with her.

She showed me a picture of the two bedroom unit she liked, and I really liked it a lot too. Each bedroom has its own bath, and there is a nice balcony that would fit two lounge chairs as well as a small table with two chairs. I knew that we would end up spending a lot of time on that balcony reflecting about life, and nothing sounded better to me at the moment. We went ahead and put in our application, and it was not long before we were moving in. We are only a few years late in doing this, and we are both excited to see what our futures bring us!