Looking at Ways to Lose Some Weight

I just started looking at ways to lose some weight and trying to figure out what I need to do to get the job done safely and efficiently. Of course the Mayo Clinic is going to tell you the common sense stuff. You should eat less and exercise more. They will tell you what to avoid and so forth. I am looking at other options skeptically. Fat loss factor is what I see right now, that is actually something which might work if I understand it. However it works in a way that you do not really require a diet for, and a lot of the stuff they say seems to be stuff that they think people want to hear. That is something about detoxing and I really do not understand what they mean by that.

I am sure that I have all sorts of crap in my body, but if it was toxic then it would kill me or at least make me sick. I am around 25 or 30 lbs above my optimum weight (depends on how you read those bmi things I guess), but I actually feel quite fine. Two weeks of detox by eating natural foods seems a bit silly in my opinion. The rest of the diet is actually similar to the mango diet I believe. That seems a bit silly when you look at it, but there seems to be pretty sound principles behind it. Of course the thing is that you can do it yourself by stopping or lowering the intake of excessive proteins and switching to a diet that is high in vegetable fiber. Maybe that is not exactly the right way to phrase it, but the truth is that you can do that yourself. The key to all of it is self discipline, which I lack.