It’s Interesting How Fuller Volume Hair Can Make You Look Vibrant

If you have ever seen a make over on TV, you know that there are many people who have let themselves go. After the make over is carried out, they look so much more vibrant and well put together. And you also know that there are many people that look pretty good on a daily basis, but then a stylist points out how they can look even better, when the person did not realize that was possible. The latter is what happened to me when I went to the salon and the employees showed me natural hair extensions and what they could do for me.

I went through a frumpy stage early on after I had a child. I was tired for many months after I had my little girl. I simply could not pull it together, even though I needed to take care of her and get to work like a good, productive mom every day. When I finally passed through that stage and earned my energy back, I started dressing better and taking care of myself. That alone made me feel better each time that I looked in the mirror.

I got a number of compliments from people about many things over the years after that. Sometimes they would compliment my hair or my young looking complexion. It did not happen all that often, though. But enough that I was happy. Last month, I made a hair appointment and the person cutting and styling my hair was telling me about the extensions that they sell. I was instantly curious about them and she said that I could try some out if I wanted to. She put only three in my hair and the difference was stunning. I suddenly looked so much better with thicker hair. I had no idea it was possible. I ended up buying six of them, and I simply clip them in before I go to work or any other event where I want to look good.