Inovative Towers Around the World

DUO Residences Eco Planning & IdealsThere are lots of innovative towers around the world being built or already built like the duo residences. These towers are more than just sky scrapers. They are giant artistic sculptures that people live and work in. Most also have shopping and restaurants because they are all so big. Many new towers have parks or park like areas built onto the roof. This helps give back to the environment some and looks nice as well.

They have parks on ground level too so that everyone can enjoy some nice out side time in a natural setting. Most will have club areas with large pools and gyms or people to help get in shape. Sometimes they even have recreational clubs like movie theaters and dance areas. The whole set up could be great for people who do not want to travel or leave home often as they would have all they need right there. They are of course, always in a city setting so that you will also have lots to do near by as well. Great shopping, restaurants, clubs, even museums.

The main attraction for me how ever are how wonderful they look. Towers of old were all about height. They were simply tall monoliths with not much design to them. Many towers now break hat mold by not sticking with one strait wall the whole way up. They also add color and much more exciting designs so that you truly feel like you are seeing and visiting or even living in a work of art. Which it really is. Architects are true artists that rarely get enough credit. So many wonderful treasures are created by architects yet they are rarely seen for what they are as no one looks beyond the superficial fact that they are buildings and so are taken for granite.