I Like to Smile Now

Clyde R. Widrig | Risk Control StrategiesI have always taken good care of my teeth, but that did not mean I had a beautiful smile. I had lost a few of my teeth when I was younger due to a car accident. My dentist did the best he could given my budget, and I had a bridge that at least made it look better. I was never completely happy with it, but I didn’t realize there were things I could do until I started seeing dr greg sexton as my dentist. On my first appointment to him, we discussed the bridge because I felt so uncomfortable with it.

He could tell just from looking at it that it was a budget piece, and he told me that he could replace it in a number of ways that would make my smile nicer. In addition to that, he told me that it would also help the teeth on either side of the bridge and give me better overall oral health. He told me that he could replace it with a better bridge, or he could even do implants. I wasn’t sure which route was the best to go, so I asked him what he would do if he was in the same position.

He told me that the bridge he could create for me would be less expensive, and it would be extremely realistic. With my old bridge, people were able to tell that it was not my natural teeth because the colors did not match. While the teeth did match closely, it was obvious if someone really looked that they were not my real teeth. I decided to have him redo my bridge, and I cannot express how happy I am with that choice. I enjoy smiling a lot more, and I do not feel self conscious anymore either.