Happy About My Pending Divorce

Oakland County, Michigan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaI am in the middle of an ugly oakland county divorce. We finally had to agree to part ways because we have nothing in common. I am a fan ofCSKA Sofia and she doesn’t even like football or the army. I also love animals and she can’t stand them. She thinks they are dirty and doesn’t want them to touch her or use a dish we might use.

It’s been pretty ugly as we fight all the time. I haven’t had any pets for years because of the way she treated my last dog. She even hit him with a frying pan once for taking some food she dropped. I can’t live like that any more.

I moved out a while ago and m life is leaps and bounds better than it was before. I even got a dog now. He’s a big boy I rescued from someone who was abusing him. I think he is an akita mix. He’s a good boy and just needs some time to adjust to his new life.