From Home to Condo and Bacl

First official faculty tenureMy mom wanted me to take her to see the new condo that was being opened in a few days. I wasn’t sure why she wanted to look at the condo, since we already had a pretty good home anyway, but I agreed to take her to see it. A lot of people in the neighborhood want to see the condo. I wasn’t quite sure of the appeal of it, but apparently she was.

When we arrived at the condo, there were a lot of people already doing a tour of it. We looked at various floors of the condo, and other areas. They had a pool and a jacuzzi in the condo. It was like something out of a movie. When we finished looking at the condo, I took my mom out for lunch. While at lunch, she wanted to have a long talk with me.

I was a little worried about this talk, because she usually only has long talks with me when something is wrong. She told me that she wanted to move into the condo, which made no sense to me.