Deregulation is Saving Us Money

Growing up, there was only one electric company available in our state. My parents did not have the option of choosing which company they wanted to provide them with their electricity. Today, many people are able to choose which company they want to be able to provide them with power as there has been sweeping de regulation laws across the power. The people who live in the great state of Texas can find their choices at where they will be able to see the different providers in their state. My friends and I were talking about the different companies that were now offering the different options and payments. There were a lot of different rates that would save my family and I money, I was looking forward to the options that we had to look at. The web site where I went to look at the different charts with prices per watt hour really made me feel like I could understand what I was seeing.

The reason why so many states are de regulating things like power and cable are because those companies were going against the free market society that our country was built on. In essence, these large companies had a lot of lobbyists that would push the government not to de regulate the power industry. The companies had a lot of monopolies in states and as a result, they were making a lot of money. The bottom line for their profits was so high, and they kept on trying to raise the rates for people that finally the government stepped in and said enough was enough. They were going to be able to make changes for the better, and it was going to help the consumers save a lot of money which was worth all the trouble.