Bad Storms Wrecked Some Roofs Around Here

I used to love storms when I was a kid. My brothers and I would watch the lightning from our bedroom windows, and the louder the thunder, the bigger our smiles. As I got older, I lost my fascination with storms, but I didn’t necessarily dislike them either. That all changed not long ago when a pretty violent storm swept through the area and left widespread damage in its wake. The entire storm didn’t last but a few minutes, but that was long enough for me to look up Brooklyn roofing repair service on my computer.

I was just thankful that I only had a damaged roof rather than a completely destroyed one like a guy a few houses up the road had. He had a few trees that went right through his roof, and I knew that he was going to have a pretty significant bill for the repairs and replacement roof he would need. People around here do not have flood insurance, and water damage from that kind of stuff is not covered. Even if the insurance covers the roof repair, you pay for the water damage repairs. We had some missing shingles, but the underlayment survived intact. We did not get any water in the house, but my neighbor had full torrents of rain pouring in. The water was running down the stairs from the upstairs bathroom that was smashed to smithereens. It was a real mess. We are just glad no one was hurt when the trees came down on their roof.

It is amazing what damage Mother Nature can cause. I know we refer to this stuff as Mother Nature, but that makes it sound like there is a personality behind it. This is raw nature that is indiscriminate. It just follows the laws of physics and will crush anything in its path without any thought good or bad. Our roof was easy to fix by just reshingling it. Our neighbor’s home require extensive repairs that took a few months.