I Need to Stay on the Move at All Times to Be a Happy Person and Employee

I loved getting to visit new cities when I traveled for business in the past. When I switched jobs at some point, I was confined to an office and didn’t have a chance to do any traveling at all. I found that I really missed it. So, I began the search for a new place that would let me move around a bit more. When I found one, I then needed to look at apartments in Sandy Utah to find a new place. The new job demanded that I live in an area different from the one I had been in for many years. I welcomed the change because I get so bored easily when I don’t constantly do things that are new.

I have to say that it can be hard to carve a niche out for yourself in life when you have trouble with not becoming bored by things. It has meant that I have been fired from a lot of jobs because I would find myself no longer caring about the work I was doing. It took quite a bit of time to figure out what my problem was and make effective changes that would stick. Continue reading

Just Moved to Henderson Nevada


I was not expecting to find a job this far away from home, but apparently this is a pretty good place if you are looking for work. They have a lot of casinos and there is a lot of construction, but I am just working for the local government. I was not expecting to start out where I wanted to, but it was clear that they were sort of desperate for someone with my qualifications. I had very little time to look for apartments for rent in Henderson NV and for a few days I had to stay at this cheap hotel on the highway. Continue reading